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2.1 Prices Survey for CPI

nMonthly survey of retail prices of services and commodities commonly bought by an average Filipino household in the Philippines for the construction of the Consumer Price Index (CPI)

n This survey aims to obtain retail prices of commodities and services all over the country for use in the computation of the monthly Consumer Prices Index (CPI) on the national, regional and provincial/selected city levels.

nCPI indicates monthly changes in the prices of commodities and services commonly bought and consumed by an average Filipino household in the country. CPI is used to calculate the inflation rate and the purchasing power of the peso.


2.2 Quarterly Survey of Philippine Business and Industry (QSPBI)

§ QSPBI, aims to give indicators on the behavior of the leading industries on a quarterly basis.

§ Aims to provide quarterly indicators on gross revenue/sales, employment, compensation, inventories, capital participation (for industrial sector); and loans and deposits received (for banking institutions) for each of the leading industry division/group/class.

§ Specifically, the data will be used in constructing national and regional indices as indicators of quarterly economic trends.


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