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It is a continuous, permanent and compulsory recording of vital events in the life of an individual as birth, marriage, death, as well as all decrees, legal instruments & judicial orders affecting his civil status in appropriate registers as mandated by Act No. 3753, the Civil Registry Law.

Republic Act 3753 known as Civil Registry Law was approved on November 26, 1930 and took effect on February 27, 1931. It has for its purpose the establishment of a civil register in the Philippines wherein act, events, legal instruments and court decrees concerning the civil status of persons shall be recorded. The law excludes acts and events that occurred prior to February 27, 1931 and considered them as non-registrable. The director of National Library was then designated as Civil Registrar General to enforce the provisions of Civil Registration Law and the Municipal Treasurers acted as the Local Civil Registrar in their municipality of assignment. The authority of the Solemnizing Officers were also issued by the National Library.}

In 1940, CA Act 591, created the Bureau of the Census and Statistics (Aug. 19, 1940) and transferred the functions of civil registration to the newly created Bureau, “ to carry out and administer the provisions of Act 3753”.

In 1983, B.P. Blg. 337 transferred the function of civil registration from the municipal Treasurer to the Municipal Development Planning and Development Coordinator for the purpose of generating statistics needed for planning that can be derived from the data on civil registration.

Article Nine, Sec. 479 of the Local Government Code of 1991 recognized the importance of civil registration, thus separated the function of the civil registrar from the MPDC by creating a mandatory position of Municipal Civil Registrar for every municipality. With the created positions of MCRs, the function of civil registration is no longer an extension or additional function to a certain position such as the MPDC, the office hope for a great improvement in the field of civil registration in the country.


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